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Quality Matters Mobile RV Repair
Gordon is a craftsman who does not rush through a job.  It must be done right or he can’t put his signature on it. Gordon wore many hats before he became an RV technician. As a child he worked the family farm. After high school he served in the military. The branches he served in were the Air Force, Navy and Seabees. Gordon served in Vietnam and was in the Reserves for 18 years. He was a flight instructor, and he worked on aircraft. He worked for John Deere repairing farm equipment.  He bought and sold horses and he was a farrier, AKA blacksmith.  He was a sheriff’s deputy and a diesel mechanic. In 1999 he schooled and tested as an RV technician and has remained in that trade ever since. Gordon’s hobby is learning to read and speak in Hebrew to better understand and teach the world’s bestselling book, the Bible.​  Prophecy is his passion.

Esther Pannell
General Manager * Parts & Warranties 
Estimates & Insurance
Gordon Pannell  *  Senior Technician
Esther is what Gordon calls the “Spark Plug" of the Establishment. She can burn her candle at both ends for days and still function. Esther is the youngest of twelve siblings, so it is quite natural for her to function in an ocean of motion. This ability is necessary to manage the fast paced and ever-changing schedule of Quality Matters mobile repairs. Esther has a love for art, music and animals, especially horses. Her hobbies include photography and writing.   Gardening was once a hobby but Native Gardening has turned it into a passion.  Feel free to stop by the Log Cabin to see the ecosystem that is being restored.
Levi (pronounced La-Vee') is one of the Fur Kids. He is a Boston “Terrorist” that has an obsession to stalk and terrify lizards from dawn until dusk. The only distraction from the endless rounds he makes is to meet and greet the UPS driver.  Deliveries always include a doggie biscuit.  
Leah (pronounced Lay-ah) is the “Sweetheart” of the establishment. Don’t let her looks fool you. She often tries to convince delivery drivers that she is vicious, but they rarely believe her and give her a cookie anyway. Leah has sporadic periods of playtime, forced upon her by her Boston Terrorist brother, but most of the time, we find Leah “laying” in our way. It’s a bulldog thing. We have all learned to work around her.  
Jennifer Hayes
Customer Service & Office Manager

Jennifer joined our team in 2016. She is the voice you will hear when you call our office. Since Jennifer came on board, Esther does not have to burn her candle at both ends. Jen hit the ground with her feet running during the busiest season of the year. (Snow Bird Season) She quickly figured out how to manage and improve the office flow. Jennifer’s hobby is running marathons, which explains why she is the perfect fit for the position she has filled. It takes a runner to keep the pace.