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Phone: 239-628-3038
Phone: 239-628-3038
Quality Matters Mobile RV Repair
Payment Policy * Labor Rate * Trip Fee  
Quality Matters RV Repair, LLC. ​

North Fort Myers, FL 33917

Payment is due at time of service for each trip. There will be a 5% charge of the invoice amount on any outstanding unpaid invoices over 15 days. If parts are needed to continue repairs, the parts are to be prepaid on the first trip, including shipping fees if known. If return trip(s) are needed to complete repairs, each trip is to be paid at time of service. Our technician is able to print an invoice showing the breakdown of what is being charged. You can pay by Cash or a check from an American Bank with no additional fees. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, there is a 4% processing fee. If by E-Check, a $4.00 fee.

The LABOR RATE is $145.00 per hour for a Customer job that is paid at time of service.
The LABOR RATE is $170.00 per hour for Extended Warranty.

We process warranty claims for Extended Warranty and Appliance Warranty. The higher labor rate is to cover the additional office time it takes to call in the claim, get authorization, and order the parts. There are many forms to fill out, parts to return, and the long wait period for the warranty payment.  

We charge a minimum of one hour for the first trip.

Trip Fees are calculated using Google Maps. Our rate is set to compensate the technician’s travel time, the fuel expense and wear and tear on the vehicle. The work truck gets 6 MPG. For jobs located at a distance, it takes two or three jobs to break even. For that reason, trip fees are not split or shared between customers in the same resort. 

We bill for the labor and travel time of each additional person needed for an On-Site repair. If a customer is able to be the extra pair of hands, that is acceptable for awning springs and hardware, AC installations, and slide-out awnings. The helper must have good balance, a strong back and be comfortable and safe on a ladder. We provide the helper for total awning replacements and refrigerators due to the risk of injury to the technician and helper if unable to balance the load. 

If a job is canceled after a part is ordered, your parts can be picked up at our office. If you choose to have your parts shipped to you, additional shipping will be charged. There are no refunds on parts unless the job is canceled before the order is placed. If you wish to return the part(s) to the Vendor, there is a restocking fee & return shipping charges. Your refund will be the amount remaining after all charges are deducted. 

The most challenging aspect we face in the mobile repair industry is the ever changing schedule. Some jobs require specific weather conditions. Customer availability and deadlines makes the scheduling process even more challenging. Once the schedule is established for any given day, unexpected events can force changes to be made quickly due to factors like weather conditions, job cancellations, parts issues, or traffic situations. Or, one job can take much longer than expected which will bump all other jobs on the schedule to a different time of day and possibly to a different day. For this reason we do not schedule jobs by appointment. We provide a target day and a target ETA. For customer convenience and to help reduce the high call volume, the technician schedule is posted on our website. When a service request is submitted, a link is provided to keep track of the ticket from start to finish. Any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone can access the link.  

It is best if the RV owner is present at time of service, not only for payment purposes, but to witness the diagnostic and repair process. If no one is able to be on site at time of service, a key location is needed before the job will be scheduled. If the RV is in a gated facility, the gate code is needed as well. If the technician arrives at a gate or at an RV Site and has to wait for a key before beginning the diagnostic & repair process, the down time is billable as labor. If there is no key found in the specified location, the Trip Fee and the minimum hour labor will be billed to compensate for the travel time, vehicle expense and down time.