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WARRANTY POLICY:  We process Extended Warranty & RV Appliance Warranty Claims  (AC, Furnace, Water Heater, Levelers, Slides, Awnings, Refrigerators, etc.)

WE DO NOT work with the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or selling dealers.  We have learned from experience how many hours of un-compensated office time it takes to process claims which get authorized but rarely paid.  If an RV has an OEM warranty, the RV owner is the customer.  Each trip it takes to complete repairs is billed at time of service.  When all issues are resolved, we provide a PAID invoice with all the required warranty information.  It is up to the RV owner to seek reimbursement from the selling dealer or the OEM. ​

EXTENDED WARRANTY POLICY:  The contract you signed with your Extended Warranty Provider dictates the type of coverage you have and the deductible.  Extended Warranty providers do not pay shipping or disposal fees, and if you have service call coverage, they typically pay only one service call per claim. If your policy does not include service calls, all trip fees will be out of pocket expense to the RV owner.

Besides the deductible, the customer is responsible to pay ALL CHARGES not paid by the provider. Due to the extra office time for warranty claims, our labor rate for extended warranty claims is higher. Two-tech jobs are billed for the extra man, even if not paid by warranty.

The technician will process the claim while on site for the diagnostic trip if possible. If there is a high call volume with Vendors or the Provider, the customer will pay the Deductible and the Return Trip Fee before the Tech moves on with his day. The claim will be continued from the office. We bill the technician’s office time as “Off Site Labor” at half the labor rate - $75.00 per hour.   When the claim is authorized, parts will be ordered and a return trip will be scheduled after parts arrive.  Once the job is complete, the signature you provided on the warranty authorization form is attached to the claim & submitted to the provider.  Very often warranty providers require a call from the RV owner to verify the work is completed to satisfaction before they will pay the claim. 

ESTIMATE REQUESTS We are asked to do a lot of estimates for insurance companies and RV owners.   All estimates require a trip to your RV – involving driving time, fuel and labor to inspect the damages, take photos, and collect data and measurements needed for parts, materials and supplies.  Finally, in order to submit the estimate, it requires office personnel and resources to put the estimate in writing and submit it.  Therefore, estimates are not free.  Please note that estimates are a process.  It takes time to make the calls and get feedback from vendors with part prices.  Patience is needed as we go through the process.  Our estimate fee includes the diagnostic trip fee, the diagnostic labor, any temporary repair parts used, and off site labor to research parts to get prices and shipping information.  The estimate is not submitted to RV owner or insurance provider until the Estimate Fee is paid.

CUSTOMER ESTIMATE REQUESTS:  We do non-insurance related estimates for the customer.  We require a prepaid diagnostic fee that will cover the service call and minimum one hour fee.  If any temporary repairs are made on the diagnostic trip, they are billed to the customer, due at time of service or upon receipt of invoice. An estimate will be provided as soon as it is complete.

INSURANCE ESTIMATES:  Our office will submit insurance estimates and supporting photos to Insurance providers.  Typically, the only out of pocket expense to the RV owner is the deductible and any depreciation calculated by the insurance provider.  

Our Insurance Estimate Fee is either your deductible amount, or the diagnostic trip & off site labor to produce and submit the estimate.  (Described above).  If temporary repairs are made on the diagnostic trip, any labor time over the first hour and any parts used for the repair are put on the estimate, and billable to the customer even if the insurance claim is rejected.  Once the claim is approved and paid by the insurance provider, the RV owner is to pre-pay for all parts and shipping plus half of the labor before parts are ordered and the job is scheduled. The remainder of the job is to be paid upon completion after a final invoice is provided. If unexpected issues are discovered after the job is started, the insurance company is contacted and a supplement is submitted. If the provider denies the supplement, the RV owner will be billed for the additional charges.

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