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Phone: 239-628-3038
Phone: 239-628-3038
Quality Matters Mobile RV Repair

Your refrigerator should be cleaned and serviced each year. The air vents in the door on the outside of your RV are a critical part of the operation of your refrigerator. Do not cover the vents with plastic, and don’t put anything in front of the door that will restrict air flow. Rodents are known to build nests in the chimney (as are bees) and this will cause inadequate ventilation. 

If your refrigerator quits cooling, yet all components are operational, and all the vents and chimneys are clean, it usually means the refrigerator is low on ammonia and will soon need to be replaced. If you see a yellow liquid leaking in the back compartment, or if you smell ammonia, it is time for a new cooling unit or refrigerator. If you hear gurgling sounds coming from the refrigerator, its days are numbered. A note regarding the double wide absorption refrigerators - We have found that an increasing number of them are getting water logged. A water logged refrigerator is not repairable by replacing the cooling unit. The entire refrigerator must be replaced. We have found that extended warranty providers are not approving claims for water logged refrigerators. 

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