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Phone: 239-628-3038
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The seal around your slide-outs are leak resistant, not leak proof. Wind driven rain can penetrate through the seal.
Some slide-outs have “phantom” leaks that do not reveal the source during a leak test. In the event a water test does not reveal the source in spite of water damage being evident, we will urge you to take your RV to a dealer who has the equipment to do a pressure test. Water is an RVs worse enemy.  

To best protect your slide-outs, here are some basic rules to follow:
1. Make sure your slide-out is leveled in such a way that the water runs away from the RV body and not in toward the RV body.
2. When you leave your campsite for a week or more, close the slide-out.
3. Feel around all the surface areas of your slide-out on a regular basis to see if you can feel moisture or wetness. Carpet included. 
4. Inspect the condition of the roof of your slide-out several times a year. If you see any cracks or lifting of the sealant, it is time to maintain the roof. 
5. Clean off the leaves and debris that accumulate on your roof to prevent premature rot of the rubber membrane and seepage of water into RV. 
6. A slide-out awning helps minimize leaks, but does not prevent leaks. 

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