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Phone: 239-628-3038
Phone: 239-628-3038
Quality Matters Mobile RV Repair

No matter where the leak is coming from, the damages it causes can be extensive. A poorly maintained roof or a punctured roof from a branch will rot wall panels and ceiling panels in addition to the roof itself. Water takes the path of least resistance, so the point of visible entry is not always the source of the leak. A plumbing leak will rot the floor and wall panels, cabinets, etc. A leak in your plumbing lines can take place under the floor where you have no opportunity to see the leak or realize the damages that are taking place. A soft spongy floor or discoloration of the floor covering is usually the first tell tale sign of this. Feel around your ceiling and floor edges to detect any moisture or dampness. Sometimes your nose will be the first to detect a moisture problem. A musty or moldy smell is a warning to heed. 
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